Foshan Hongkong Dali: Thanksgiving, embrace the world

Hu Weihang Guan Yanjuan Liu Chengliang Jing Ping

In December 2018 06, 08:30 source: - Guangdong channel

Overlooking the dali. Photo by Ceng Kaigang

In 1979, Hongkong "underwear King Luo Jielun invested in the construction of the Guangdong Foshan Nanhai District, Dali Town, the first Hong Kong garment factory, 1982, La cere bra factory of Yanbu; Lin Liang in Hong Kong founded the first Hong Kong folks Dali toy factory, plastic toy factory in 1989, the South China Sea Yanbu; the first Hong Kong owned enterprises Scarlett expansion paper products company limited born in Huangqi; 1992, Hong Kong Mr. Kwong founded Asia aluminum factory opened in Dali, is already one of the aluminum production base of Asia's largest and most sophisticated devices; Hong Kong folks Xu Hai in the home donated to build schools, hospitals and other sea Xu Dali, always concerned about home education, medical and health undertakings development......

Over the past 40 years, Hongkong has a profound impact in dali. 以港为师、向海而兴,大沥从“鱼米之乡”成为国外内知名的商贸重镇:38个专业市场,6万多个工商户,年交易额超过6000亿元,产品辐射100多个国家和地区,涵盖布匹、五金机电、有色金属、装饰材料、内衣、农贸产品等10多个产业品类几十万个产品。

In the background of the development pattern of Chinese is committed to building a more open, in the country "The Belt and Road" initiative, Guangdong, Guangxi and Guangdong Bay area coordinated development of Guizhou Economic Zone, Guangdong Hong Kong Macao high-speed rail service trade liberalization development opportunities between the city's industrial cooperation is ushering in a new opportunity.

In December 5th, Hongkong Victoria Harbour River, Guangdong Foshan Nanhai Dali town held the "Thanksgiving in Hongkong, embrace the world" - Nanhai Dali international trade investment services (Hongkong) special events, and with the Hongkong Trade Development Council, the Hongkong Management Association signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

This is the second in Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dali Town, held the fourth global investment promotion series. On the same day, the South China Sea aluminum industry cluster Home Furnishing unveiled at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition center. 112 square meters of exhibition, separate living room, bedroom and kitchen 9 spaces, each space is equipped with the corresponding aluminum furniture, to create a "aluminum home" atmosphere.

Under the new era, Dali is the new open attitude to embrace the world, integrate Hong Kong and Macao Bay area development strategy, to the world.

All aluminum Home Furnishing look to the international market

The South China Sea aluminum industry cluster Home Furnishing unveiled at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition center. Dali Town propaganda office for map

On December 5th ~7, Powerise Business Expo held at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center, aimed at gathering all kinds of creative and value-added solutions to SMEs to build communication platform. Dali town 8 enterprises exhibitors, the aluminum Home Furnishing products in the business exhibition Powerise three day exhibition.

The exhibition hall, "Dali - aluminum Home Furnishing" booth area of about 112 square meters, composed of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, locker rooms, study rooms, corridors, display the image of the office of 9 spaces, each space is equipped with the corresponding aluminum furniture, to create a "aluminum home" atmosphere.

All aluminum Home Furnishing mainly contains Home Furnishing aluminum, finished Home Furnishing, Home Furnishing aluminum Home Furnishing accessories and related machinery and equipment 4 categories. Relevant responsible person said the South China Sea area Home Furnishing Aluminum Industry Association, 8 enterprises in the exhibition, including the first three categories of products. These products will be in the name "Dali - aluminum Home Furnishing" industrial clusters, the first station on the Hongkong stage.

At present, part of the whole business Home Furnishing Dali aluminum has been extended to foreign customers, all aluminum Home Furnishing products into the Southeast Asia and africa. The Dali aluminum Home Furnishing enterprise newspaper group exhibition, I hope through the exhibition to the global exhibitors show the concept of green Dali aluminum Home Furnishing industry, to open more international markets.

In addition to the Hongkong show Home Furnishing aluminum products, Dali also brought "production momentum in the global aluminium Trade Exhibition Center" roadshow. The center is located in the town of Dali Guangfo City Center District, plans to become the world's largest aluminum Home Furnishing Trade Exhibition Center, becoming the "The Belt and Road" trade and exhibition economy new impetus and new benchmark for local economy.

To create a full range of trade service system

Dali town and Hong Kong Trade Development Council signed a memorandum of cooperation. Dali Town propaganda office for map

Dali merchants special activities, also with the Hongkong Trade Development Council, the Hongkong Management Association signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

"Dali commodity + Hongkong exhibition is only the first step. Hong Kong investment held in Hongkong special, to promote Hong Kong exhibition aluminum Home Furnishing industrial cluster is to hand in hand we hope the Hongkong Trade Development Council and other institutions, the establishment of professional service team, to create a full range of trade service system." Dali town mayor Huang Weiming said.

Over the past year, Dali frequently carry out "+ Hongkong" action, and actively build between Guangdong and Hong Kong business associations, large business market, international trade, international trade service platform, to seek opportunities for cooperation.

In April this year, consisting of Dali Town, village cadres, enterprises and industry associations, the backbone of the 22 international trade service system construction training into Shenzhen, Hongkong. Through 5 days of training, Dali entered in global leading inspection, verification, testing and certification organization SGS, IT network and global brand CISCO Hongkong branch, the promotion of Hongkong's foreign trade legal institutions Trade Development Council, opened a new cooperative.

In July this year, 11 benchmarking enterprises Yanbu underwear for the first time to exhibit the Asia's largest fashion show -- the twenty-fifth Hongkong fashion festival. In September this year, the town of Dali Yanbu underwear industry association team up again to the port to CENTRESTAGE, to explore new ideas to the development of the industry, cooperation is further extended.

"I hope that with the Hongkong Trade Development Council, the new foreign trade Alibaba localization service center, port foreign trade service company, established third party foreign trade integrated service platform, providing translation, shopping guide, customs, legal affairs, foreign exchange settlement, tax rebates, logistics, finance and other one-stop services for the international trade International business." Huang Weiming said.

And the boat to the sea, to the world.

Dali will build eco town more international vision and the ability of linkage. Photo by Deng Zhishen

Over the past 40 years, the villagers hope not dali. From the "three" started to form a professional market cluster, with action interpretation of "open and inclusive, pioneering and innovative" spirit of Dali Lek business.

The last 1 months, with its strong industrial base and strong business atmosphere, the implementation of the "global strategy", Dali Town, started the construction of global hit off the global procurement center platform, focus on the cultivation of modern commerce, intelligent equipment, Home Furnishing integrated fashion consumption, emerging industry cluster, comprehensive docking Global high-end innovative elements, promote business center towards the "trillion trade town" forward.

To build a "global procurement center", "Polish trade Dali" brand, Dali town also actively embrace big data, the first to start preparing the first China underwear index, aluminum Home Furnishing index and the first Town Street business index (Note: China respectively, Yanbu underwear index, large - China aluminum Home Furnishing Lek index. Chinese, Dali trading index). Huang Weiming said, will start the Dali international trade demonstration town construction, to create a national business platform, realize the professional market and Dali non-ferrous metals trade turnover exceeded 1 trillion yuan within 5 years.

"It can be said that no, Jielun, no Yanbu underwear, not even China underwear." Chairman of the town of Dali Yanbu underwear Association He Bingxiang said, after decades of development, now gradually formed a complete industrial cluster of Yanbu underwear, become a "national underwear industry well-known brands to create demonstration area". 15 China underwear consumption leading brands, occupy more than half of Jiangshan Yanbu underwear.

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area construction speed background, Hongkong will continue to play a world super contact role; and Dali, is a "global hit off the town" global procurement center "of the new strategic plan for the future. Dali will seize this promotion opportunity, further closer ties with Hongkong, the global distance, continue to head to the world.

(commissioning editor Chen Yuzhu and Wang Xing)