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Guangdong: earnestly study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech and the spirit of NPC and CPPCC The construction of Guangdong province's first "Digital Government Innovation Model The country's first pure Chinese medicine hospital opened in Shenzhen Baoan Shenzhen transportation industry open block chain pilot program of application of electronic invoices 2020 Guangzhou city center is expected to average customer outage time less than 0.5 hours Zhu Yilong: to show the world's cultural confidence today Chinese Macao issued a "Cultural Ambassador" mascot Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area set sail: to provide strong support for the "The Belt and Road construction "Forever" Guangzhou propaganda Wang Jingchun: the extraordinary story to impress the audience The theme song and the N tour, the crew reunion "feelings" from the "plus" into controversy The Summer Palace spring The meat market in a baby room you seen? WeChat college credit card into a trap Guangzhou Yuan Dynasty Yuci tomb discovered "cloud jiashan" Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain "the longest Spansion Baiyun" appearance strop NPC and CPPCC on behalf of members of the hot bay "Chinese mode" Bay forum build cooperation and win-win platform Because of the "Goth makeup" stopped by the Guangzhou subway passengers will improve service: In 2019 the consumer market a smooth start to the first two months of the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 8.2% Shenzhen to promote the reform of science and technology to form a new breakthrough Guangdong province will carry out a special inspection of law enforcement and protection of wild birds Guangdong to carry out a special inspection of food safety Shantou port Guang'ao opened new international routes The fish drunk dragon dancing 400 years Zhuhai open cross-border credit service platform of Zhuhai and Macau consumer market The 16th International Furniture Expo exhibition opens in Foshan 2018 local residents total income compared to last year increased by 7.5% Shi Kehui: leading wind folk clubs with fine style government to good deeds Contemporary dance "double article pas de deux" for Hongkong Art Festival adds vitality In March the chief executive of Hongkong "home" flowers Ma Xingrui: the NPC and CPPCC to implement the spirit of the whole process of the provincial government work
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Guangdong Provincial Standing Committee held a meeting chaired by Li Xi

  •  The Summer Palace spring
    The Summer Palace spring
  •  GAC trumpchi: adding momentum to the development of high quality
    GAC trumpchi: adding momentum to the development of high quality
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 Trumpchi interpretation of high quality development

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