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The Spring Festival the long road home, where are you? Guangdong will be 4 categories of marriage registration dishonesty punishment Last year Guangdong Graduates Initial Employment Rate of 94.18% In Guangdong a year to recover wages 290 million yuan During the Spring Festival will be closed management layer of Guangzhou South Railway Station Guangdong has 10 days in advance to start the spring security work The three meeting of the thirteen session of the Guangzhou municipal CPPCC closing Guangzhou City, the four session of the fifteen National People's Congress held its second plenary meeting A new generation of star girl released! Stephen Chow chose her. Beyond the Sun Yang teammates playing the game: Internet addiction girl friends photo Hebe Tian Han Hong sang a few months later thanks each other Last year in Guangdong province high technology manufacturing the actual use of foreign investment growth of more than 80% Guangdong officially launched the "cloud" cloud payment tax "" "What is the" promo page users have warm tears Guangdong 237 fugitives stolen goods 376 million yuan last year Guangdong to provide experience for the national crime crime Guangdong province pornography television and telephone conference Guangzhou Shenzhen and other 11 cities to explore cross regional alliances with the amount of drug centralized procurement Guangdong provincial Party committee leadership held the annual meeting of democratic life Shenzhen municipal government also sorted out 282 suggestions of CPPCC members Guangdong is the country's first mobile payment + real-time storage tax "new pattern The integration of online service platform for the comprehensive docking work started Guangdong innovation won praise Guangdong pension services to do the "wisdom". Xu Ruisheng went to Shantou Jieyang city cultural tourism research work Bai Xianyong once again to join the Suzhou Kunqu Opera "hairpin" launched a new version of "Pan Jinlian" T-shirt "Poirot" Sequential open winter plum Ling The ancient secret plant 1 million years ago the India plate to drift Guangzhou time SASAC party patrol found the problem of central enterprises 356 See the future from the global development trend of artificial intelligence data 2018
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Guangdong provincial Party committee leadership held the annual meeting of democratic life

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